NACA 2014

It’s been exactly a month since my last post! I’m sorry for not keeping you updated with my life haha!

At 6 am, on October 23rd, Tia (our advisor), Brandon, Demetrius, Mayumi and me left for Arlington, Texas. We were chosen to represent our school at the National Association for Campus Activities Central 2014. It is an entire weekend of educational sessions, showcases and a lot of fun!

We had the chance to meet artists and to have a lot of free stuff haha! I also feel very lucky to had the chance to represent Wichita State University and SAC even if I’m only here for one semester.


Saturday, all SAC members were invited to Get Air and to Yobi Frozen Yogourt. This was an amazing day!

We jumped on trampolines for about an hour (I did a front flip into foam haha!) before we went downtown to eat some insane frozen yogourt (with a lot of brownies and candy!!)

10689578_748137165259597_6650686026796769063_nThen, a couple of friends and I went to the Shockers Volleyball game! The Koch Arena is very nice and there was a great crowd to cheer on the team! They won so the night ended in the best way possible!

photoThis week is Midterms so this Saturday was great to forget about the exams haha! Now it’s time to study and write papers!

Campus Tour!

Hey guys!

Since I am very far away from most of you, I want to share a piece of my daily life with you. I figured out a campus tour would be great since you will see what WSU look like and understand why I like it so much!

First of all, the building where I spend most of my time : Shocker Hall! It is basically the residence and dinning hall.

003 copy

The red circle is where my room is!

004 copy

And this is my room :My room

This is Elliott Hall, the communication building! I have 3 classes in this building.
005 copy

This one is Clinton Hall, the business building! I have 1 class here and my other marketing class is in the Entreprerneurship building.

007 copy

Finally, these 2 places are my favorite : the outdoor track and the pool! Spending quality time alone is something very valuable for me and this is why I like these places + I need to stay in shape!

006 copy

011 copyHope you now understand why I like WSU so much! It is such a beautiful campus and I’m very happy to be here!

SAC is my new family!

Kristen and I at our very first info table!

Kristen and me at our very first info table!

In my first post, I said that joining SAC was the second best decision I’ve made regarding University! (The first one was studying abroad.) Let me explain why!

SAC, Student Activities Counsil, is a group of students that brings a variety of events and programs to campus each year. I am in the Campus Traditions committee so we are in charge of traditional events (Same events each year for many years!) Walk a Mile in Her Shoes was our first event of the year!

10606116_10152487727079597_4371636565504113664_n copy

Walk a Mile in Her Shoes – Men walks in hight heels to raise awareness about rape, sexual assault and gender violence.

Last weekend was Mud Events, a tug-of-war and volleyball tournament in mud! It was pretty awesome!

10632817_911369385544140_7447989934317377654_n copy

Demetrius, me and Dani!

10659260_911369142210831_5121182548665851173_n copy

Logan and me at Mud Events!

Of course, these events are great, but what I like the most about SAC is the friends I’ve made. Each of you is very important to me and you are making this whole experience of studying aborad the best thing ever! SAC is a family and I am so glad I got to be a part of it.

Love you all! ❤

But first, let me take a selfie!


Hey guys,

Here I am, on my blog! I’m nervous and excited at the same time and I hope you will enjoy what I’ll be posting here!

But first, let me introduce myself. I’m Camille Thériault, 20 years old, majoring in Communication, minoring in Marketing. I am a former student of the Sherbrooke’s University, but I’m currently studying at Wichita State University for the Fall semester! If you don’t know me very well, here are a few interesting facts about me :

My first language is French and I’m from Quebec, Canada!

I have a wonderful boyfriend back home that I miss so much!

I am vegetarian.

I don’t think my accent is cute haha.

I love poutine! (Even if you probably don’t know what it is! Just Google it!)

Going abroad is probably the best decision I made regarding University!

Joining SAC (Student Activities Council) is definitively the second one!

I’m here to improve my English so if you find any mistake in my posts, let me know!

That’s all for today, but I’ll try to keep you updated about my life here!